-How do we book with you?

Easy! Give us a call, email or text and we can set up an appointment to sit down and discuss the details. We will bring our portfolio, albums and other examples of our work and share our experiences with you. We want to take the time to get to know you better as a couple and hear your whole story, how you met, the engagement, then learn about your dress, flowers, bridal party and all the details. The more we learn, the better!  We also understand during this busy time, getting together may not be an option for you.  Or you may be planning the wedding from afar.  We can set up a phone conference or connect via emails too! Everything can be completed online, to the contract and payments.  We've got it covered!

-How many photographers are there? 

For an additional fee, a second photographer can be added to capture the unique moments your wedding day.  We love the shots our second photographer captures for you.  They are focusing on what is happening in the background while the main photographer is busy capturing the main event.  These images are more candid and seeing people more in their norm.

-Do we get every photo you take?

No, we provide you with only high QUALITY edited images, however you won't see the one that you blinked in or when grandma walked in front of the camera. With the advent of digital photography we have the privilege to shoot more pictures than you need to represent your day. We provide you with enough photo's to represent your experience without overwhelming you with repetitive duplicates. 

-Can I work with you to build my Custom Wedding Day Timeline"?

Absolutely!  We prefer to be a part of this!  We want our services we provide to ensure your day is seamless from start to finish.  We start from earliest part of your day... hair, makeup, dressing of the bride, zooming to grooms location, capturing the fun stuff going on there from boutonnieres to shots, and making it on location with time to spare. In the process of calculating each step of the day, we help you organize your to-do's, cross your T's and dot your I's along the way. We are far more than "just photographers"! We don't miss a beat! 

-How will I know if we need more time at the end of the ceremony?

Your Custom Wedding Day Timeline of course! We will work with you to have your timeline complete prior to two weeks before your day to figure out if you will need more time added on at the end of the day. 

-Do I need to provide a meal for you?

Yes, please. While we will bring our own snacks and drinks to keep ourselves energized throughout the day, it is appreciated by all of your vendors to take the dinner hour to sit down, breath, and recap what we have accomplished and what we still need to capture before the end of the night. We do not shoot while we are eating, nor do we want to shoot you or your guests while enjoying dinner. 

-Will our guests be there when we take our official wedding portraits?

No! Whether you opt for a pre-wedding "first look" photo session or a traditional post ceremony session, no guests will be allowed to attend unless they are in your bridal party. We coordinate within the timeline and the venue to ensure the guests will be directed to mingle or enjoy cocktails while you have a PRIVATE session without being heckled by well intentioned guests.  We love this part and so will you!  This is great time to be with each other and break away from the day and relax with just each other. 

-Can you attend the rehearsal?

Yes, if scheduled in advance we can attend the rehearsal for an additional fee. While it is not entirely necessary, it does provide a smoother flow for your photographers to see the event in advance. 

-Can we have an "Unplugged Wedding Ceremony"?

Why yes! You can! And as you may have guessed, we would greatly appreciate that your guests put away their iphones, ipads and other devices and truly be present to share your day with you. Leaving the photography up to your photographers ensures that your photo's will have accurate lighting, that has not been distorted by the flashes from well meaning "guest photographers" devices, and that no one will be jumping in the way of our lenses unknowingly blocking a special moment. If this is a choice you wish to select, please work with your wedding officiant to tastefully ask your guests to refrain from using their devices during your ceremony. 

-Will you photograph the decorations?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves in attention to detail. We know how much time you, your family and friends have taken to create the ambiance of your special day and we will take great effort to make sure all of these details are artfully photographed.

-Will our portrait prints have a watermark?

No, they will not. We specifically watermark photo's on Facebook and in on our website client galleries specifically to discourage printing from screen shots. We value our work as art, not simply a picture, and we want to ensure they are represented with proper, professional printing when at all possible. 

-Do you offer a military clause for service members?

Yes! The military clause simply states that in the event that either the bride or groom is deployed on your contracted date, that we will work with you to find an available date for your wedding. In the event that we cannot come to an agreement upon return from deployment, all of the money paid  will be refunded to you. Proof of valid military assignment will be required to receive refund.

-What form of payment do you accept?

Cash, Check, Paypal and Credit Card


Don't see the question your looking for? Just ask! Call us at 608-695-4469 or email me at [email protected]   Thanks for stopping by!